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Benefits of Pukhraj - Yellow Sapphire

Mantra Healed Astrological Pukhraj - Yellow Sapphire Gem Ring harmonizes and benefits Guru / Jupiter / Bhrispati graha. Wearing a Energized and Healed Pukhraj - Yellow Sapphire Gemstone derives quick wealth for its wearer. Pukhraj brings luck and fortune and new opportunities in the life of the wearer. Mantra Healed Pukhraj - Yellow Sapphire Ring is known to be the most munificent or fortunate gemstone for unmarried girls as per our holy books and scriptures. Girls who are not getting married or not finding a perfect life partner are often suggested to wear Pukhraj. Energized Pukhraj – Yellow Sapphire is also recommended for those people who are in depression and full of negativity. Wearing a Mantra Healed Pukhraj – Yellow Sapphire Ring brings happiness and joy in your personal and professional life.

Guru Rajneesh Rishi

 Pukhraj- Yellow Sapphire

Generally, Yellow Sapphire - Pukhraj Gemstone is an attractive stone of yellow or light yellow color. Yellow sapphire draws the attention of everyone as it is genuinely mesmerizing due to its unique color and a variety of cuts. Yellow Sapphire signifies knowledge, wisdom, virtue, fortune, higher education, future, religion, philosophy, devotion, children, distant travel, spirituality, truthfulness, prosperity and charity. Associated with Planet Jupiter – Guru Graha, It influences characteristics of Guru, instructor or teacher and acts with the highest order and balance. Guru guides actions in the most harmonious and uplifting manner and balances inner and outer input while simultaneously performing and monitoring action.Mantra Healed Pukhraj - Yellow Sapphire Gem Ring brings affection and harmonious relations amongst family members. The reputation of the person increases day by day and one is respected everywhere. Mantra Healed Astrological Yellow Sapphire Gem Ring Prevent from diseases like Liver Complaints, Jaundice, Dropsy, Flatulence, dyspepsia, abscess, disorders in pancreas, tumours, skin troubles, cerebral congestion, catarrh, circulation of blood in the arteries and fat in the body.

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji at Shani Peeth Temple Provide 100% Original Mantra Healed & Energized Astrological Pukhraj - Yellow Sapphire Rings / Pendants with Laboratory Certificate Embedded in Panchdhatu, To Fill your Life with Prosperity. This Special Mantra Healed Pukhraj - Yellow Sapphire Ring is Open at the bottom so that Precious Gem Stone could touch your Body when worn. These Rings are first made as per your Special Need and then are Mantra Healed & worshipped in 3 Day Process by your Name and Gotra by Guruji himself to give you Maximum Positive Results of Pukhraj - Yellow Sapphire.

 Pukhraj- Yellow Sapphire Ring

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