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Astrology Gemstones for Health Benefits

According to our Vedic Indian Astrology, all that happens to us is caused due to position of the planets in the sky. The position of the various Planets such as the Sun, Moon, Rahu, Ketu etc. when mapped into a chart at the time of Birth of person is called the Birth Horoscope of that person. According to our Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji's experience only natural and mantra healed gemstones can give Health benefits. According to Vedic astrology our 9 planets represent, the 9 special gemstones, Ruby represents the sun, pearl the moon, coral the mars, emerald the mercury, yellow sapphire the Jupiter, diamond for Venus, blue sapphire for Saturn, hessonite for Rahu and cat’s eye for Ketu. They can influence the effects of the planets substantially. Although they can minimise the impact of planetary afflictions, they should always be worn with care and on recommendation of an experienced astrologer. For the wrong stone can aggravate the health condition of it's wearer and can even cause more critical Health problems. If any planets are in a bad position in the Birth Chart, it can cause many Health problems to that Person, including Prolong Sickness, critical illness, surgery, undiagnosed health problems and sometimes untreatable Diseases.

Guru Rajneesh Rishi

When Medical Science fails to Cure Your Diseases, Our Indian Vedic Astrology Provides Relief in Different Health Problems. Thousands of Patients from 133 Countries have been Cured by Guru Rajneesh Rishi through Gemstone Rings for Health Benefits, while they were going through medical treatment for long time.

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji at Shani Peeth Temple Provide 100% Original Mantra Healed & Energized Astrology Gemstone Rings with Laboratory Certificate Embedded in Panchdhatu or Silver as per your Horoscope - Janamkundli - Birth Chart, To Fill your Life with Good Health and Prosperity. This Special Mantra Healed Gemstone Ring for Health Benefit is Open at the bottom so that Precious Gem Stone could touch your Body when worn. These Rings are first made as per your Special Need and then are Mantra Healed & worshipped in 3 Day Process by your Name and Gotra by Guruji himself to give you Maximum Positive Results in your Health, Sickness, Disease and Prolong Illness.

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