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Guru Diksha is a Holy Knot Between Guru & Disciple. Guru protects his Disciple and provide Spiritual Growth

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Vedic Shani Sade Sati Puja

As per our Hindu Religion, Performing Vedic Shani Puja & Yagya is the most effective way to bring all type of Prosperity in your Life and Help You to minimizing the Impact of Bad Placed Shani in Your Horoscope. Badly Placed Shani / Saturn in a Horoscope gives Misery, Adversity, Sorrows, Restrictions, Denials, Delays in all work, Accidents, Thefts, Jail & Court Case Problems etc.

Guru Rajneesh Rishi

If You are Having Shani Sade Sati / Shani Dhaiyaa / Shani Maha Dasha / Shani Anter Dasha / Shani Transit in Annual Horoscope or Saturn is malefic in Your horoscope / Birth chart then Shani Puja & Yagya (as per Vedic Shastra) is Highly Recommend to Remove the Malefic & Bad effects of Shani.

Items you Receive after Vedic Shani Puja

After Performing Your Special Puja & Yagna, we will give you or send Following Holy Items at Your Door any where in the world by Registered Parcel Post:

  • One Photo of Lord Shani Dev and Guru Rajneesh Rishi.
  • Prashad of Your Own Puja (If Custom & Shipping Law allow it).
  • Vibhuti : Your Own Havan Holy Ash for Your Tilak For 108 Days (If Custom & Shipping Law allow it).
  • Mantra Healed 3 Shani Rings for your Family.
  • Small Video Recording of Your Puja - Homam or Yagya.

Request For Vedic Shani Sade Sati/ Shani Dhaiya Puja

US$ 6 or ₹ 300/- per day

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