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Benefits of Manikya - Ruby Ring

Surya - Planet Sun represents the king of our Solar System in Indian Vedic Astrology. Mantra Healed Ruby - Manikya is the gemstone of the planet Sun. Ruby has been symbolic of Power and Prestidge. This is normally red in colour. Ruby is a hot Gemstone. It represents Authority, Power, Self, Father, Body, and Health. Depending on the placement in your Horoscope / Birth Chart, wearing a Mantra Healed Ruby - Manikya Ring can be very auspicious in strengthening the positive influences in your Life. Wearing a Healed Ruby Gemstone is used to treat low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat or palpitations, paralysis and general debility also. Manikya gemstone reduces the malefic effects of the sun if worn on proper time energized with proper Mantras. Sun is the leader that shows the path by removing the darkness. Best Remedy for Sun is to wear a Mantra Healed Ruby - Manikya gemstone which enhances financial stability and brings fame, confidence, fortune, and wealth in wearer’s life.

Guru Rajneesh Rishi

who can wear Ruby Gemstone

The sun is the central focal point in the solar system as is the Brain in our body. All planets in the solar system revolve around the sun. Mantra Healed Astrological Ruby Gem Protects You from all type of Negativity / Physical Loss / Sickness. People who are in following professions such as political leaders, doctors, students, and judge, lawyer and policy makers should wear this stone. Wearing ruby stone help its wearer to taste success in their respective fields. Better Known as the Gem of Royalty, it is believed that as long as a piece of Mantra Healed Astrological Ruby Gem Ring is on your finger, Good Luck will be with you always.

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji at Shani Peeth Temple Provide 100% Original Mantra Healed & Energized Astrological Manikya - Ruby Rings / Pendants with Laboratory Certificate Embedded in Panchdhatu or Silver, To Fill your Life with Prosperity. This Special Mantra Healed Manikya - Ruby Ring is Open at the bottom so that Precious Gem Stone could touch your Body when worn. These Rings are first made as per your Special Need and then are Mantra Healed & worshipped in 3 Day Process by your Name and Gotra by Guruji himself to give you Maximum Positive Results of Manikya - Ruby.

Manikya - Ruby Gemstone

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