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Puja - Prayers for Good Health and Long Life

We at Shani Peeth Temple organise Puja - Prayers for Good Health and Long Life by Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji. Health is the most important asset one can ever have. We all want to remain Healthy and enjoy the life to its fullest. But, sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances or due to our bad planetary positions in one horoscope, it might not workout that way. Puja - Prayer for health is dedicated for attaining a holistic development of mind and physique. According to astrology, if any planet in your kundli positions itself in an unfavourable transit, the chance is that it may results in your bad health, sickness, illness, long-term diseases or Short lifespan. Sometimes even doctors and health professionals are unable to understand the reason behind your sickness or disease and therefore their treatment also fails. In such situations, Astrology can give you relief by the way of Puja - worship. This Puja for health and long life is recommended as a great remedy to neutralize the ill effects of your malefic planets in your horosscope from casting its spell on your health and subjecting you to an endless agony of financial loss also.

Guru Rajneesh Rishi

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Daily Pujas and Prayers are performed for people from all over the world who are seeking the divine grace for themselves and their Family at Our Shani Peeth Temple. This Worship - Puja helps to heal in major illness or a Disease and increases the lifespan of that person. Puja for Good Health and Long Life is very beneficial for you to protect you from Negetive Forces. If you or a member of your family is suffering from any severe health disorders, this Puja can also help reverse the same. This Puja foe health is so effective that it helps clear out all the negativity from your past life which might be affecting your present. It also improves the quality of your present life and helps rectify any mental illness as well. When you perform the Homam for your children, it prevents any future health problems and Karmic issues. This Homam also helps to reduces all the bad effects and minimizes the chances of Accidents, Injuries, and other Health issues and Prevents Sudden Death. By performing this Puja both physical and mental obstacles are removed and Postive Impact is granted. Now, You can organise Puja for your Good Health and Long Life at our Shani Peeth Temple by our expert Astrologer & Spiritual Guru - Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji. This Special Puja can be arranged Once / Daily or Monthly for you and your Family either Personally or by your Name & Photo.

Offer Puja at Our Temple in Person or Online

  • After receiving your Request along with the Puja Payment, we E-mail you the best Available Date for Your Puja - Yagna.
  • After Finalizing the Date, we arrange Special Puja- Yagya As per requirement in your presence or with your Big Photograph (19 x 13 inches).
  • Special Puja + Yagya will be done on Your behalf with Your Name, Gotra, Place Details etc. in the Guidance of Guru Rajneesh Rishi by Guru Maa Rokmani Ji to attain long-term peace, happiness, wealth, prosperity, success, luck & fortune
  • In case of Daily Protection Puja after receiving your Photograph and Payment, Prayers can be started from the very next day to Protect you and your Family.

Holy Items you Receive after Your Special Puja ?

After Performing Your Special Puja & Yagna, we will give you or send Following Holy Items at Your Door by Registered Parcel Post.

  • 11 Different Photographs of Your Puja - Homam or Yagya at your e-mail having original stamps of time and dates on photgraphs. Incase of Daily Puja - worship, Everyday Email Report shall be sent at your Email.
  • Prashad of Your Own Puja ( Only to Indian Residents due to Overseas Law).
  • Vibhuti : Your Own Havan Holy Ash for Your Tilak For 108 Days ( Only to Indian Residents due to Overseas Law).
  • Mantra Healed 3 Shani Rings for your family.

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Book Puja for Good Health - Prayers for Long Life

Puja for Once - $102 or Rs.5100/-

Regularly Once in a Month - $90 or Rs.4200/- per Month

For Daily Puja - $30 or Rs.1200/- per Puja to be Paid Monthly

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