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Benefits of Moti - Pearl Ring

Moon represents the queen in our Indian Vedic Astrology. Wearing a Mantra Healed Astrology Moti - Pearl Ring harmonizes Moon and is used to remove the evil effects of Moon - Chandra in your Horoscope. The Moon directly influences emotions, mind, wealth, and the public. When the planet moon is malefic, a person can suffer from loss of urine troubles, mental diseases, depression, problems with mother, emotionally weak, mood swings, hurdles in going abroad and loss in job of business related to public dealing. Due to the malefic moon, people suffer from instability and life becomes full of struggles. The best remedy for harmonizing Planet Moon - Chandra in Astrology is to wear Healed and Energized Astrologically fit Pearl - Moti Ring which can bring harmony to your life and help in problems related to such issues.

Guru Rajneesh Rishi

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There are many benefits of wearing a Healed Moti - Pearl Ring. Pearl when healed with Mantras is used to remove the evil effects of bad placed moon or debilitated moon (Neech ka Chandrama) in one's horoscope and in turn it strengthens the mind and increases the good sound sleep. Pearl is very useful for ladies as it increases the their beauty and facial luster. It develops good harmony between husband and wife as well, It inspires love and faith between the two partners. Pearl - Moti helps to solve problems related to depression and pessimism. Basically, Pearl - Moti ring can be worn by the person who belongs to Cancer ascendant or Cancer Zodiac Sign (Kark Rashi) but If you are having a Bad Moon in your Birth Chart - Janam Kundli, remedy of wearing a Pearl Ring shall be very beneficial.

The Moon rules the emotion and mind in the human body. Pearl is the symbol of purity and emotional clarity. Pearl stone is recommended for those who get angry easily and lose their temper, Pearl gemstone benefits people who are depressed, mentally disturbed or emotionally unstable. Because of its calming effects, it is recommended for people who have developed a negative attitude or lost all hopes in life. Medically, Pearl is believed to help keep the ???Heart??? strong and healthy. Also, it is said that Pearl stone benefits water induced ailments and maintains the Water Balance in our body. Children, especially those below 12 years of age, who face health problems or fall sick easily are recommended a pearl stone. Children should preferably wear Pearl Gemstone in neck (throat chakra) in a moon-shaped pendant.

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji at Shani Peeth Temple Provide 100% Original Mantra Healed & Energized Astrology Moti - Pearl Ring / Pendant with Laboratory Certificate Embedded in Silver, To Fill your Life with Prosperity. This Special Mantra Healed Moti - Pearl Ring is Open at the bottom so that Precious Gem Stone could touch your Body when worn. These Rings are first made as per your Special Need and then are Mantra Healed & worshipped in 3 Day Process by your Name and Gotra by Guruji himself to give you Maximum Positive Results of Moti - Pearl.

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Outside India - US$ 220 + US$ 50 Shipping Charges for 11 carat (aprox.) Pearl

In India - ₹ 5100 with Free Shipping for 11 carat (aprox.) Pearl

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