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Enemy Removal Remedies

It is true that a person may have gone through several problems due to enemies in his/her personal life or in family life or in professional life. Several cases are there where people face this enemy problem since childhood or from a later stage of life, say during teenage or thereafter in workplace or business. It is not unnatural to see even that your near and dear one or your best friend has started to do enmity posing different problems. Also in many cases, it happens that your enemies are disturbing you mentally and physically but you cannot find out who is the real enemy?

Guru Rajneesh Rishi

As per our rich Indian Astrology, sudden or continuous or intermittent troubles from enemies and even the very presence or unexpected emergence of enemies can be because of some badly positioned planets in your horoscope or because of the result of your karmaphal.

Therefore, our Param Pujya Spiritual Guru and world famous Astrologer Guru Rajnesh Rishiji examines your horoscope and prescribes true Astrological and Spiritual Guidance along with special remedies and Enemy removal (Nirvan) puja, to eradicate totally the ???enemy problems??? from your life and help you to lead a happy successful life without any fear from your enemies.

Already lakhs & lakhs of disciples, devotees & followers of Guruji from India & across 133 countries have got benefited with the numerological, astrological & spiritual guidance of Guruji who is world famous as a spiritual Guru, Astrologer & Numerologist.

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