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Mantra Healed Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Ring

Blue Sapphire / Neelam is a very strong gem and its use may be adverse to wearer sometimes. Wearing this ring purifies the mind. The mind is charged with virtuous thoughts and positive attitude. Blue Sapphire / Neelam is worn to protect one from evil effects of Shani / Saturn.

Shani / Saturn represents discipline, authority, ambition, leadership, honesty, perfection, humility, elders, denial, delays, misery, adversity, accidents, conservatism and dutifulness. Its role is often symbolized as a servant. Its influence is often seen as restrictive yet its influence also seeks to bring balance.

Guru Rajneesh Rishi

Paralysis, Asthma, Chronic Diseases, Rheumatisms, Teeth Problems, Bones Problems, Misery, Adversity, Sorrows, Restrictions, Jail, Denials, Delays in any work, Accidents, Thefts, Being a thief are some adverse effect of wrongly placed Shani in your horoscope.

Influences of Shani may be overcome with the Mantra Healed Astrological Neelam / Blue Sapphire Ring. Shani is furthest from the Sun. Mantra Healed Astrological Neelam / Blue Sapphire Ring is an expensive gem ring and gives tremendous benefits to the wearer. Wearing Mantra Healed Astrological Neelam / Blue Sapphire Ring can be of a great advantage for heart patients, it also protects the wearers against risks of accidents and fire, storm and natural calamities. Mantra Healed Astrological Neelam / Blue Sapphire Ring protects the wearer from unexpected happenings and natural calamities and ensures greater financial stability. Mantra Healed Astrological Neelam / Blue Sapphire Ring can cause a sudden upturn in business and change the life pattern of the wearer for good.

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji at Sidhh Shani Peeth Provides 100% Original Laboratory Certified Mantra Healed & Energized Astrological Blue-Sapphire (Neelam) Rings / Pendants Embedded in Approximately 6 Grams of Gold, To Fill your Life with Prosperity. These Special Mantra Healed Astrological Gem Rings are Open at the bottom so that Precious Gem Stone could touch the Body when worn. These Rings are first made as per your Special Need and then are Mantra Healed by your Name and Gotra by Guruji himself to give you proper results.

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